What is Biomass?

Biomass is produced from organic materials, either directly from plants or indirectly from industrial, commercial, domestic or agricultural products. It is often called 'bioenergy' or 'biofuel'.

Much of our wood waste is processed to manufacture a Bio Fuel which is used to generate renewable energy.  This Bio Fuel, which comes in the form of woodchips, is more environmentally friendly and significantly cheaper than using fossil fuels.


Using Biomass to generate energy has a number of benefits.  It is a carbon neutral process becuase the carbon dioxide released when energy is generated from biomass is balanced by that absorbed during the fuel's production. Furthermore, biomass can contribute to waste management by harnessing energy from products that are often disposed of at landfill sites.

How Does it Work?

Bio Fuel (such as woodchip) is delivered to the Biomass plant and is then transported to the boiler.  The Biomass material is burned to heat water which generates steam.  The steam then turns turbines which turn generators to make electricity.

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