In line with the waste hierarchy, which places re-use above recycling, we endeavour to recover all waste pallets which can be viably repaired for re-sale.

Our team of dedicated pallet specialists repair pallets, grade them and stock them to be sold on to our customers.  Our customers receive a quality product which is cheaper and a more sustainable way to buy pallets.

Although the pallets are sold as second hand, many of them have only been used on one or two trips and the quality of repair means recycled pallets can look as good as new.

For those businesses obligated under the Producer Responsibility (Packaging Waste) Regulations 1997, using second hand pallets offers further advantages as the pallets do not need to be declared as part of their obligation.

To receive further information or to enquire about availability of supply contact us today.

You can find more detail on the range of pallets we supply in this flyer.

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